Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Greece!

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Greece!

Tourist Attractions in Greece

Knowing about the top 10 tourist attractions in Greece is very important for tourists. After knowing about the top 10 tourist attractions in Greece, your mind will surely increase the attraction to visit Greece. Let’s start with Santorini.

1. Santorini

This is a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of Greek islands and do you know It is famous for its dramatic scenery, stunning sunsets, white-washed houses and its own active volcano. Fira, Santorini’s capital, is a marriage of Venetian and Cycladic architecture, with white-stone streets clinging to the 400m (1,300ft) cliff edge and teeming with shops, tavernas, hotels and cafes.

2. The parthenon


Located at the top of the Acropolis, the Parthenon is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Greece and no visit to Athens is complete without a visit to this temple. Construction of the Parthenon began in 447 BC, replacing and older temple that was destroyed by the Persians, and was completed in 432 BC. During its long life the Parthenon has served as a temple, fortress, a church, a mosque and even a powder magazine.

3. Mykonos


Mykonos is renowned as a cosmopolitan destination among the Greek islands and is widely recognized as one of Greece’s top tourist attractions. Mykonos Town (Chora) is a stunningly picturesque Cycladic town with narrow streets and whitewashed step lanes. It is also known for its sandy beaches and varied and intense nightlife, as evidenced by the large number of bars and nightclubs.

4. Meteora


Meteora (“suspended in the air”) in central Greece is a collection of six spectacular monasteries perched atop several stone pillars. The first monastery of Meteora was founded in the 14th century. Access to the monasteries was deliberately difficult, requiring long ladders or large nets to carry both goods and people. This required a considerable leap of faith – the ropes were only replaced “when the Lord let them break”.

5. Delphi Theatre

Theater Delphi

In ancient times, Delphi was the most important site of ancient Greek religion, home to Apollo’s sanctuary and oracle. The ancient theater of Delphi was built on a hill that gives visitors a view of the entire sanctuary and the spectacular landscape below. It was originally built in 4 and could seat 5,000 spectators. In this recent times it is one of the topest tourist attractions in Greece Country.

6. Myrtos Beach

Located in the northwest of Kefalonia, Myrtos Beach is world-renowned for the magical color of the water. The blue and turquoise colors of the sea that many do not recognize contrast sharply with the bright white of the smooth marble pebbles of the beach. The steep hills and tall cliffs behind Myrtos Beach only add to its beauty. For all these reasons Myrtos has previously been voted the best beach in Greece 12 times

7. Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge is a 16 km long gorge in southwest Crete. Walking the Samaria Gorge is extremely popular and over a quarter of a million tourists do it every year. The walk takes 4 to 7 hours and passes through ancient cypress and pine forests, then cuts through the mountains into vertical cliffs and rises to Agia Roumeli on the Libyan Sea.

8. Lindos

Lindos is a medieval village on the island of Rhodes made up of a network of cobbled streets between whitewashed houses. The Acropolis of Lindos rises above the city, offering spectacular views of the surrounding harbor and coastline. Lindos beach and St Paul’s beach are a short distance from the city centre.

9. Mistress

Located near ancient Sparta, Mystras served as the sole capital of the Peloponnesus in the 14th and Mystras 15th centuries, and was ruled at that time by relatives of the Byzantine emperor. The site was inhabited throughout the Ottoman period but was abandoned in 1832, leaving only breathtaking medieval ruins, standing in a beautiful landscape.

10. Mount Athos

Mount Athos is a very popular and tourism attractive place and it is mountain and a peninsula in northern Greece. The peninsula, the easternmost “leg” of the larger Halkidiki peninsula, is home to about 1,400 monks in 20 Eastern Orthodox monasteries. An autonomous state under Greek sovereignty, access to Mount Athos is strictly controlled and only men are allowed to enter.

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