Bali Travel – Sights and where will you stay!

Bali Travel - Sights and where will you stay!

Bali Travel

Bali, Indonesia 📍

Bali Island is located in Indonesia and only 2 kilometers from Java and lies 8 to 9 degrees south of the equator. The island of Bali is popular among tourists from all over the world. Bali is quite different from the rest of Indonesia and is a province. It has its own government, but the Jakarta-based government controls the economy to a high degree. The island’s Balinese culture is a major attraction for tourists. This culture, passed through the region, was influenced by many cultures, especially those of Europe, China and India.

A notable attraction is that the island has also shown innovative capacity in influencing its tourists, but technological progress in Bali has been slow. Although hotels, restaurants and other public places are of high quality, fast and reliable connectivity cannot be promised in these areas. Despite this fact, the island of Bali is actually very popular in terms of tourism and especially honeymoons. Many honeymooners and romantic couples love this area for their vacation.

Bali Travel

Sights of Bali

Handara Gate

Handara Gate is an American attraction in Bali, which is a beautiful large gate or gate to the garden. It is an example of the combination of Balinese art and natural beauty and is a popular photography spot among Balinese tourists. Handara Gate, translated as “Gate of Handara”, is a tourist area in Sandwip. This gate is located in the Ruby Forest and gives you a chance to take a mental shift. It is located near the large Ganga Lake, and is in a natural environment, which is an attraction for well-wishing tourists.

The view of Handara Gate is beautiful and serene, which is especially stunning on sunny days and evenings. It is a symbol of Balinese culture and a unique gateway to Bali’s natural beauty. For those interested in traveling to Bali, Handara Gate is a must-see.

Bali Travel - Sights and where will you stay!

Sand swing
Bali Swing is a famous unspoilt natural beauty spot that is very popular among Bali tourists. This place originally started as a paragliding center, but it has become a tourist attraction due to the exploitation of the natural beauty by tourists. At Bali Swing, you can enjoy Balinese art and beauty in a natural environment and experience the unique experience of flying above the landscape by sitting on a swing in a welcoming rhythm. There are many swings, available in different sizes, heights and locations.

Ulun Danu Temple
Ulun Danu Temple is an ancient Hindu temple and religious site in Bali, set high on the western side of Bali. This temple is located at a height of about 70 meters above Ulun Danu, and it creates a strong resemblance to the high natural ancient art of Bali. Ulun Danu Temple provides evidence that it is a unique example of ancient Balinese culture and an important site for religious ceremonies. The temple has a beautiful view of the natural beauty of the sand facing and the height of the sea.

This temple is visited to obtain religious benefits during which Karma yatras are held, where various puja activities and religious ceremonies are held. Next to the temple is a market for tourists where you can buy authentic Balinese art and religious items. Ulun Danu Temple offers a highly emotional and spiritual experience, and has become a tourist attraction through Bali’s traditional culture and religion.


GitGit Twin Waterfall
“Gitgit Twin Waterfall” is a natural attraction of Bali which is integrated with natural beauty. This waterfall is combined with the ancient art and exotic places of Bali, making it very popular among tourists. Gitgit Twin Waterfalls are located in the northwestern part of Bali and are set in natural surroundings. This waterfall is a large waterfall that takes you down the hill in a large area.

Gitgit Twin Waterfalls blends natural beauty with Balinese arts and crafts established elsewhere. The name of this waterfall is somewhat surprising and it is a popular name of a strange place. Gitgit Twin Waterfalls combines the natural environment with the traditional and cultural originality of Bali, which creates attraction among the tourists. There is a wide open trail that leads up the hill, which will take you to a close view of the waterfall.

Ubud is the name of a village in Bali. It has become huge popular in the last many years that the village vibe has died down a bit. A lot of Europeans come to Ubud. It lasts for months. It has popular temples, rice terraces and fountains also. Some of the temples in Ubud are believed by the Balinese to wash away their sins by bathing in these temples.

Tanah Lot

Numerous temples in Bali. However, Tanah Lot Temple is prominent among them. The temple is said to have been built in 1600 AD at Tanah Lot to protect it from volcanic eruptions. The temple is built on a huge rock in the sea. At high tide, much of the temple goes under water, making it appear as if it had risen from the sea.

The temple along with the foundation is visible during low tide. There is an entrance fee to enter the temple. It was late afternoon when I reached Tanah Lot Temple, 28 km from Ubud. I went to that temple after crossing the sea water. The sunset from there is an incredibly beautiful view.

Garuda Vishnu Kanchana
“Garuda Vishnu Kanchana” is an ancient temple and religious site in Bali, where the Garuda idol of Lord Vishnu is worshipped. This temple atop the Mahabali mountain in Bali is an important attraction for tourists. Garuda Vishnu In the Kanchana temple Garuda, established as the king of the man-bird primordial and chief monkey, is worshiped through worship and worship on behalf of the god Vishnu. Garuda Vishnu Kanchana Temple is located in Bali and is known as the religious growth and cultural center of Bali.

Garuda Vishnu Kanchana Temple is connected with natural beauty and is located in communal natural environment. Balinese art and religious items are sold next to the temple, creating attraction among tourists. This temple is a traditional religious and cultural site of Bali, which creates attraction among tourists and come to receive the religious benefits of Bali. Those who are interested in traveling to Bali must visit the Garuda Vishnu Kanchana Temple.

Nusa Dua Beach
“Nusa Dua Beach” is a very beautiful beach place in Bali which is integrated with natural beauty. This beach spot is located in the Tabanani province of Bali and is a favorite attraction in the natural environment. Nusa Dua Beach is a scenic beach location with spectacular views at sunset. The natural way to watch the sunset at this beach is to experience how attractive it is especially towards the north.

Nusa Dua Beach is a beautiful place that combines beach beauty, sunset location and natural scenery. While visiting the beach you can experience the sense of belonging and peace in the natural environment.

Padang Padang Beach
“Padang Padang Beach” is a great beach attraction in Bali where one can enjoy a peaceful stay with natural beauty and sunset view. Padang Padang Beach is located in the northwestern part of Bali and is set in a natural environment. This beach spot offers scenic beauty and sunset view to tourists.

At Padang Padang Beach you will see the beauty of sea and mountains. At this beach you can experience the camaraderie and peace during sunset. Come to Padang Padang Beach, feel the kinship between natural beauty, peace and sunset view. It is a favorite among tourists who visit here to enjoy the peace and natural beauty of a beloved home.

Uluwatu Temple
Uluwatu Temple is a very beautiful place. It is not just a temple. A whole big area. A very beautiful view of Uluwatu Beach can be seen from here. 30 thousand rupees means 180 taka to enter here. Must see sunset here.


Bali Travel - Sights and where will you stay!


Best time to travel
It is charming throughout the year as the weather here is pleasant throughout the year However, heavy rainfall may be experienced between March and December. Travelers should choose the dry season (April to September) to visit the island. However, as many people visit Bali during this time, prices tend to increase and tourist spots become quite crowded. But if you travel between April and May, you may be able to avoid the rain as well as the crowds. (Bali Travel)


Where will you stay

Bali is a small island. From south to north – people live almost everywhere. So hotels are also available in various parts of Bali. The airport is in Denpasar, which is at the very southeast tip of Bali. Near the airport are Ulubatu, Semniak, Jimbaran, Kuta, Sanur which are coastal areas. These places are full of numerous hotels and resorts. These areas stay awake almost throughout the night with many shops, nightclubs, pubs etc. gathering.

Kuta – Nearest area from Kuta Airport. It is the most touristy area. There are many hotels, restaurants, massage parlors, tattoo shops, bars, etc. This area is always crowded.

Ubud – Ubud is like a village. A lot of Europeans come here. They come here and stay for months. Come here for yoga, cooking classes, hikes to Mount Batur and Agung. River rafting, rice terraces, water falls are nearby from here.

Uluwatu – Those who want to spend some time in solitude can stay in Uluwatu. A very cold area. An area surrounded by mountains and sea. Surfers come here most of the time. There are many currents on the beaches here. So it is also called surfing paradise.

Seminyak – It can be called Gulshan of sand. There are many villas here. Everything costs a little more here. Many good restaurants, shops, clubs are here.

Changu – It’s a party area. The party goes on here for twelve months. Those who like to party, can visit from Changu.

Besides, there are many other places in Bali such as Nusa Penida, Nusa Dua, Padang Bay and many people like to stay in these places. So before you go do a little research on the internet, whichever one matches your taste. 



There are many modes of transportation in Bali. The best option is to rent a scooter. 60-80 thousand rupees per day. Means 350 to 480 taka. But there is no harm in renting for 50,000 rupees. 50 thousand means 300 taka. Scooters are available at your hotel reception. If not, the reception will tell you where to rent a scooter. There is also an app called GO-JEK. It’s more like Pathao. You can move around using it. And Grab (GRAB) is there.

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