Australia’s Sydney Travel Guide!

Australia's Sydney Travel Guide!


Sydney Travel Guide, Australia

Sydney (Sydney) is the largest city in Australia with a population of about 5 million people. In the age of globalization, people from different countries have settled in Sydney city in search of life and livelihood. Therefore, a different type of tourism is slowly developing here in the mix of different nations. So when it comes to finding places to stay or travel or eat in Sydney, the city invites its tourists to indulge in countless opportunities.

Sights of Sydney

There are many sights and places to visit in the city of Sydney. Can go to different places according to time & interest. Notable attractions include –

Sydney Opera House (Opera House): Australia (Australia) floats in front of the eyes of a building like a sailing boat known as the Opera House. This iconic building is an important UNESCO World Heritage listed building and receives thousands of traffic visits every day. To get the best view of the Opera House, one must go to the nearby high point called Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair. If you want, there is a good facility to go inside the opera house by buying a ticket. There are many places to visit near the Opera House. More place like Luna Amusement Park – Taranga Zoo – Madame Tussauds Museum etc.

Sydney Harbor Bridge: For Sydney’s famous harbor bridge after the Opera House. It offers a beautiful view of the entire city alive & is an iconic spot for photography that is sure to catch your eye. Although there are various climbs, the Express Climb is the most popular for less effort on the Harbor Bridge.

Darling Harbour: The tourist hub of Sydney is this Darling Harbour. From here, a busy picture of the blue sea and the city floats all the time. The harbor scene changes strangely as the evening light dawns. An endless collection of seafood restaurants can be found here.

Bondi Beach: Bondi Beach is one of the famous beaches in Sydney. A large number of people come here to sunbathe in summer. and restaurants too Bondi Beach is crowded all year round so it is best to go early in the morning.

Royal National Park: Covering 26 kilometers, this park is one of the popular holiday destinations in Sydney. In the middle of the city, one can see a wonderful nature in this park. There is no fee to spend time here. Since this park is located next to the sea, from now on it is easy to enjoy the pleasure of the beach in a quiet environment. Besides, there are various activities including trail walk, hiking, rock observation.

Royal Botanic Gardens: After the National Park, Royal Botanic Gardens has a huge area. It is an ideal place to taste the Australian bushland and all the bush food.

Queen Victoria Building: If you are interested in architecture, Queen Victoria Building is one of the interesting buildings in Sydney. Built in mid-1893, the building is heavily inspired by Romanesque design and currently houses a luxury shopping mall with around 200 brands. 

Blue Mountains: If you want to see something other than the city, you have to go to the Blue Mountains. you can see here small springs, eucalyptus forests & numerous natural but different-looking mountains. There are many things to do here including three sister site, Katoomba village, cable ride, train ride to enjoy the scenic beauty.

Also, some of the most popular places in Sydney are Hyde Park, Town Hall, Camp Cove, Paddington Market, China Town, Power House Museum, Sydney Cricket Ground and various art museums.

Sydney travel time

Sydney is perfect for visiting at any time of the year as it doesn’t get very cold or snowy like other places. But October, November and February, late March to April are the best time to visit Sydney


How to get to Sydney

The cost may vary based on the airlines and the time of booking. An Australian tourist visa is required to travel to Sydney. In this case, a passport with a validity of at least 6 months is required for tourist visa application. Along with all the old passports and the letter issued by the authorities of that country if the visa application has been canceled in the past.

Australian visa fill up and form signed by the visa applicant. Airline and hotel reservation, invitation letter, NOC letter, last 6 months bank statement and salary slip and all proofs of professional place from the person in Australia should be submitted along with the visa. Along with all the documents, a cover letter should be submitted to the visa officer stating your purpose of travel, business, assurance of return to the country, accommodation etc. to apply for the visa.

Where to stay in Sydney

Sydney CBD is the perfect place to stay for those who want to be in the middle of the city. From here it is possible to walk to tourist places like Opera House, Pitt Street, Central etc. The place named The Rocks is perfect for those who want to see Opera House, Sydney Harbour, Harbor Bridge view from the hotel. There are budget hotels and there is no dearth of 5 star hotels. For those type of people who want to rely on buses & enjoy trains in Sydney for the convenience of transportation, finding a hotel in Central is the most convenient.

There are plenty of backpacker hostels and mid-range hotels that will make the trip affordable while taking care of the pocket. who want to stay in neighborhoods a little away from the city instead of staying in a hotel then he can check Gumtree and AirBnB. Apart from this Trip Advisor, booking,com,  MyTrip,com and other websites can be used to find hotels according to your budget.

where to eat

Since people from different countries are now settling in Sydney, the food traditions are changing and diversity is being found here day by day. There are many Indian shops here, besides there are Bengali restaurants in Bengali populated areas like Lakemba, Rockdale, Minto. There are also Lebanese, Turkish, Arabic restaurants for Halal food.

Here it will take 20 to 30 dollars per match. If you want to eat a little cheaper, there are KFC, McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, Dominos everywhere. Halal snack packs are also available at street food shops. In these places it is possible to eat a meal within 5 dollars to 15 dollars.


For the fashion conscious, Sydney is home to a wide variety of shopping malls. The largest and most popular shopping mall in Sydney is Pitt Street Shopping Mall. Almost all the stores of international retail brands are here. There are numerous other smaller shopping malls around Pit Shopping Mall. So it is possible to easily spend a whole day here. Queen Victoria Building, World Square, Sheffield Plaza are some of the popular shopping spots.

If one wants to shop for daily essentials or grocery shopping, almost every neighborhood has a chain store like Coles, Woolsworth or Aldi. If you want to buy a variety of things a little cheaper, there are shops called K Mart, Target, Best and Less inside the mall, from where you can buy many different beautiful things. There are a lot of street shops in tourist places, but naturally, the prices for the goods are higher for tourists.

Other important matters

  1. Australia is very strict about bringing food into the country so any food that is brought on board must be declared at the airport. In this case, if you don’t declare, you can be fined from 200 to 1000 dollars.
  2. Apal cards can be used to board buses, trains, ferries and almost every train station has an Apal top-up machine. No matter how far you go or how many trains you take within Sydney on a Sunday, Apal costs no more than $2.70 in total. Opal cards are available at airports and many shops on the street.
  3. If you want to go out in Sydney, you have to go out very early in the morning because everything here closes early.
  4. Sydney is a very safe city for tourists, but if you go out at night, dark and empty streets should be avoided.
  5. this country itself is an island & the water around it is known as the Raft is awesome. So it is very important to always listen to lifeguards and watch out for shark nets when going into the sea here.

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