Indonesia’s Attractions – Batam and Gili Island!

📍Batam Island, Indonesia


Batam is only 20 kilometers by sea from Singapore, so close that sun-bathed Batam can easily be seen from Singapore’s seaside skyscrapers looking out over the Indonesian islands. The Kingdom of Riau consists of more than 2,400 islands stretching from Sumatra in the South China Sea to the Anamba Islands in the northeast. One of its islands is Batam, locally called Kotamadya. Indonesia’s third busiest gateway and eighth largest city after Bali and Jakarta. The area is equal to Singapore, 1 thousand 595 square kilometers. 14 districts in 6 islands. The population is about 10.5 million.

The core Batam area consists of five distinct cities – Batam Centre, Nagoya, Waterfront City, Sekupang and Telaga Pangur. The maximum distance from A-head to O-head in Batam is 25 kilometers in a straight line. So it is possible to visit the whole of Batam in one day. There are taxis as well as minibuses and buses for transportation. The Beirlang Bridge area is the most popular tourist destination in Batam. There are several suspension bridges on its southern coast, all of which are collectively known as Bayalang Bridge. The beauty of the beach, greenery and suspension bridge will be caught here together. An afternoon around the sunset can easily be spent here.

Going out in the morning and before noon can see the famous buildings near Batam City Center Jabyal Arafa Mosque, Masjid Raya, Mahavihar Duta Buddhist Temple, Tua Pang Kong Buddhist Monastery and Nagoya area. have lunch at a seafood restaurant and if it is the Golden Prawn Sea Food Restaurant in the Bangkok area, then there is no question. It is the most popular food place in Batam. A lot of time will pass by visiting the miniature park area around this restaurant. A variety of food is available in Batam. The food here is perhaps best because of Indonesia’s famous spices.

Autobiography of Batam Island

“Batam Island” is a very attractive and scenic island in Bali that offers natural beauty, beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and isolated natural forests. Batam Island combines natural beauty and extremely beautiful beach spots. The island’s sprawling beach resorts offer you unique views at sunset.

  • Weather and Natural Beauty: Batam Island is blessed and appreciated for its natural beauty. Welcome to a landscape with rich sunsets and convenient beach growth.
  • Beachy Places: Batam Island is a great place to go to the beach and enjoy the beauty. Experience the scenery and children’s tree-chopping on Melleh Street.
  • Sunset View: Batam Island is a unique place to witness a magnificent sunset. The play of natural light and the attractive sunset view at sunset time will surely win your mind.
  • Attractive Beach Specialization: In Batam Island you can see beach growth with beach growth. Enjoy the natural beauty of the natural scenery and beaches.
  • Local Animals: In Batam Island you will enjoy healthy natural environment with local animals. Blending in with the natural jungle and sea life helps create a unique experience.
  • Natural Benefits: In Batam Island you can connect with natural beauty and tranquility. A natural environment and healthy food support provide a natural benefit to your physical and mental health.


It is a shopping paradise

Batam is popular among tourists for shopping and dining. It is all duty free zone. The big markets here are crowded with foreign tourists. From electronics to clothes, everything is relatively cheap here. Batam can be visited in one day if you go to Singapore at least for shopping. If you live in the Batam Center area, Mega Mall is the best shopping center for you. Kepri Mall is nearby. Nagoya Hill Mall, Batam’s largest shopping mall, can be reached by taxi or bus. We couldn’t complete three visits to the mall.

But Batam also has many shopping malls like Harbor Bay Mall, Plaza Top, Diamond City and Panbil Mall. Within these malls are supermarkets like Matahari and Hypermartel. All things are available in these vast super markets, the prices are quite affordable. If Batam is included in the travel plans with Singapore or Malaysia, it is best to do most of the shopping here. Chocolates, electronics products, gifts, clothes, packaged food, shoes, bags, spices, etc.

Where will you Stay

There are many hotels and resorts in Batam. Affordable hotel rentals too. The price is half of Singapore. It is possible to stay in a five-star hotel for three thousand rupees. There are numerous hotels and resorts right on the beach. It is better to book the hotel online in advance by checking trip advisor ( The first surprise will be the taxi fare when you get off the ferry in Batam. If the hotel is on the other side of the city, the taxi fare may be Rs 100,000. don’t be afraid

📍Gili Island‘s, , Indonesia

Indonesia's Attractions - Batam and Gili Island!

To the east of the Bali Islands are the Lombok Islands. The most popular place in Lombok is Gili Island. Gili means small in Sasak language. The Gili Islands are made up of three small beautiful islands in Indonesia – Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. While visiting Bali, many people will have heard the name of this place whose beauty cannot be explained by some pictures.

The beautiful blue color of the water which takes on different colors at different times of the day, the clatter of horse carts, the whirring of tourists cycling, the intoxicating aroma of seafood, the wonderful ambience of the beach restaurants with all night music, all combine to be something to remember for a lifetime. will experience Besides, it will be great if you can do some exciting activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, underwater walking, glass boat trip. Cost is about $20-50 each. Bargain.

You can stay one night in Gili Trawangan at a beautiful resort. Perfect destination for honeymoon. The rent will be between 2000-6000 Bangladeshi Taka. There are no cars or vehicles in the beautiful Gili as pictured. Horse carriages and bicycles are vehicles. You can visit this island by renting a bicycle by the hour.

Here you can go snorkeling for one and a half lakh rupees per person. In this 4-hour tour, you will visit Gili Meno (Gili Meno) and Gili Air (Gili Air), turtle reef, fish reef and coral island by speed boat and swim under the sea with life jacket and mask. Undoubtedly an amazing experience. At night, you can enjoy the time at the beach party to the beats of the DJ.


How To Go

Wherever you stay in Bali, especially in Kuta, you will find many information booths around where you can get the package you want. To go from Bali to Gili you need to book a fast boat ticket. 5 lakh rupees or $30 per person including return ticket. You can buy tickets online or from tour guides, but you can reduce the price by a little more. They will pick you up from the hotel and take you to Padam Harbor in their car. It takes 1.30 hours by car to reach the jetty. From there it takes 2 to 2.30 hours by boat to reach Gili.

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