Interesting places of Silari Gaon & Lepchajagat!

Interesting places of Silari Gaon & Lepchajagat!

Silari Gaon, Darjeeling

From NGP or New Jalpaiguri, first drive to Pedong which will be 5 km before Silari Gaon. A visit to the famous monastery here is a must while on the way. Take a look around from the balcony of the Buddhist monastery – mind will be filled. The small mountain town of Pedong under the white clouds in the blue sky. City means but not Ghinji like Gangtok or Darjeeling. A high school (St. George High School), a jeep / taxi stand and a few thatched houses. See Pedong and get back in the car. Road is good. But some way to the end is Dancing Road. Sillery Gaon will be reached by car on the cobbled road.

Try to get up before five in the morning. Sunrise has seen a lot. Here you will see the side effects of Sunrise. Go to the balcony and stand. You can imagine the shape of Kanchenjunga in the dim light of dawn. Wait some more time. Only then will Sun God in vermilion-wearing pose cast his first rays on its summit. Then you will see the color changing game. It would seem as if the entire mountain was on fire. If a person is a little more emotional, tears can also come to the eyes.

There is also syncna planting which started from the British period for making malaria medicine. Apart from that, you can go to Trin Chulli, Remiti to enjoy the adventure of short trekking. From the three furnaces you can see the city of Sikkim, Jipla, Nathula, Kanchenjunga and the four bends of the Teesta. Damsang Durg can be found at a distance of 4 km from Silarigaon.

Drive out of Silarigaon towards Pedong, Racing and Arita. dont miss to see 300 year old Buddhist monastery. Paintings of Buddhist tantrics can be seen on the walls of ancient monasteries. If you visit this place in April-May, you will see the Buddhist Lokayat Dance Chang. After that go to Cross Hill near Rishi Road and Silarigaon. It was built by Father Augustine in 1882.

An unprecedented view of the mountains can be seen from here. Apart from this, you can see a unique view of the sunset. Within 2 km from here near Pedding Bazar is the ‘Shaheed Park’ built in memory of an Indian soldier who was martyred in the Kargil War. There are more places to visit nearby. Romantic scenic spots like Rikisam, Rishi Bridge, Arita Lake, Makim, Ranggapo Open.

Why Go & What to See

1. Those who want to spend their holidays outside the house in pure silence eating and sleeping on their own.
2. Those who keep the mobile phone off all day can go back and handle the partner or office boss.
3. Those who love to see colorful birds in the forest, not in cages.
4. Those who want to watch Kanchenjunga sitting at home.
5. Those who like to walk in the mountains or take a leisurely walk. There are three or four great spots to walk around.

Rameti View Point – standing where you can see the 14 bends of Teesta River below your feet and the glittering Kanchenjunga above your head.

Daksham Fort – Do not go without a guide. The ruins of a nearly 400-year-old fort (now so overgrown with jungle) on a hilltop through dense jungle. Beware of leeches. If they get a chance, they will set up Blood Donation Camp in your body. Keep a packet of salt with it.

Silent Valley – It is difficult to explain the silent beauty of this place without coming here.

Chachgaon – just three-four kilometers away is another village, and a newly emerging tourist spot.

Who will not go?

1. Those whose life seems meaningless without mobile phone and internet.
2. Those who only think about eating fuchka or shopping in the evening – don’t forget.
3. Silarigaon is not for those who go out on package tours and measure the whole thing in Give and Take theory. Here

they will give you many things which are not written in their contract. For example – the constant supply of tea, their handmade sweet breads, their own chutneys or curries, and their hearty smiles. But Babumshai, if you shout at the hotel if the tea is a little late or the hot water takes a while, then choose a place where these things will appear at your fingertips at the touch of a switch.

where will you stay

Biru Tamang’s Home Stay Silerygaon Retreat. This Biru Tamang is everything here. He will fix all the plans according to your plan, even the car. You just have to struggle till New Jalpaiguri. His daughter is Durga Tamang. As Durga is in name, she is truly Dasa Bhuja in deed. He single-handedly oversees all the tourists and this hotel. So don’t worry if he picks up the phone instead of Biru-ji. Give all the details without fear.
There is also The Sillery Sojourn which is located at the highest point of Sillery Gaon. You can contact them in advance from here.

Interesting places of Silari Gaon & Lepchajagat!

Lepchajagat, Darjeeling

Lepchajagat, a hilly village in Darjeeling is popular with offbeat lovers. After the arrival of the British, this tribal village became known as a popular ‘weekend destination’! Ideal place for honeymoon also. Oak, pine, rhododendron lined both sides of the road. ‘Clouds graze here like cows’—which sometimes cover the Kanchenjunga. Kanchenjunga won’t disappoint you if you don’t mind the sky. Don’t miss the heavenly experience of sunrise and sunset.

Apart from wild flowers, many birds will be seen here. Also rare species of birds like fire-tailed sunbird. Always keep the camera ready when going out for a walk. And binoculars too. Walk as far as you like along the forest trail. There is also a huge tea garden next to it. Some rare species of orchids can be seen in this village.

Lepchajagat is 19 km from Darjeeling. If you have more time, you can include places like Mirik, Ghum, Manebhanjan, Batasia Loop or Zorpokhori in the Lepchajagat tour package. Kalimpong-Karshiong can also be visited from here. If you don’t have time to go to so many places, take a car from Lepchazhgat and visit Ghum Monastery, Mirik Lake.

how to go

You can go from Siliguri by rented or shared jeep. From Kolkata by bus or train to New Jalpaiguri, Bagdogra leaves. Then in a rented or shared jeep. On the way to Darjeeling, you can also take a share taxi at Ghum.

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