Beautiful Village Travel – Rishop, Desire Gaon & LoleGaon!


Beautiful Village Travel - Rishop, Desire Gaon & LoleGaon!

Rishop, Darjeeling

Rishop, a Lepcha-dominated village at an altitude of about 8,500 feet, is only 10 kilometers from Lava. A small decorated village reshop covered with different kinds of flowers on the steps of the hill Rishop New is located at an altitude of 8250 feet, 110 km from Jalpaiguri and 28 km from Kalimpong. The word Rishop means ‘on a lone tree on a hilltop’. It is wonderful to see the cultivated land on the slopes of the hill Rishop is surrounded by various peaks including Kanchenjunga, Kabru, Sinialchu, Pandim.

There is always a strange silence in the whole reshop One and a half kilometers away, you can trek through the forest to Tiffindanda Viewpoint Rishop’s Tiffin stand is the highest view point in West Bengal after Sandakphu The experience of watching sunrise and sunset from here is not to be forgotten Reshop is one of the best destinations for bird watching and bird photography As soon as you go around the whole village, you will see many known and unknown birds like Jerk Sided Flycatcher, Verditer Flycatcher, Green Bucket Tit, Rufus Sibia etc.

The village is surrounded by forest, adjacent to the Newravalli National Park Sometimes the clouds come and get stuck in the green valley Then the game of clouds and sun went on all over the valley. The road to Reshop is still unpaved. There is a fun medieval feel to staying here. Since Reshop is a small village, the place depends a lot on lava. Irregular supply of electricity is also one of the major problems here. Locals also suffer from water crisis. So tourists are repeatedly told not to waste water here.

The fun of the place is that apart from Kanchenjunga, there are about ten other peaks in India and Nepal that can be seen from here. Don’t miss the chance to capture the mountain panorama from Tiffindara View Point. From the lower part of which the pine forest starts again. Almost 360 degree view is available from this view point. You have to walk a couple of kilometers.

Some parts of Nathula and Jelepala passes are also visible from Reshop. Rishop is one of the best places to watch the sunrise and sunset in the lap of Kanchenjunga. If you can plan to go during full moon, even better. In hilly areas, sky can become heavy at any time. But it is better to skip the rainy season. After the sunset, the view of the lights on the surrounding mountains is also great! Those who go to the reshop, usually put Lava-Lolegaon or Pedong in the package. Several kilometers of road.

Many people also go on a lava trek from Rishop. An hour long downhill trek through the jungle. The road is very bumpy, so good shoes are a must. Neora Valley Resort is not far from Rishop. You can stay there for a day if you want.

Beautiful Village Travel - Rishop, Desire Gaon & LoleGaon!

Way to go Rishop

Rishop can be visited anytime except monsoons and winters. From Kolkata by bus or train to NJP or by plane to Bagdogra and Lava by car. Kalimpong should be taken by jeep from Siliguri’s Johnson Terminal. The rent is one hundred and twenty rupees. Reserve Jeep will be available for Rs 2,500. From Kalimpong you can go to Rishop by jeep or bus. Or you can go directly from Siliguri by jeep to Lava and Rishop.

Besides, you can go directly from Burimari border by jeep to Lava or New Mal Junction. You can take a jeep from New Mall Junction or Malbazar to Lava and go to Reshop. From Kolkata you can take the Kanchenjunga Express to New Mall Junction and from there you can go to Reshop via Lava by jeep. It can also be reached by trekking from Lava.

Hotel stay in Rishop

There are few hotels. The number of home stays is more. In all cases catering is provided by hotel or home stay. But since it is far from the city, the cost of food is a little higher. It is better to book from Kolkata during peak season. Local Sherpa and Lepchara have built several accommodations like cottages for tourists. Notable among them are –

  • Golden Cottage, Rishop
  • Yankee Village Retreat, Rishop
  • Lovely Resort, Rishop
  • Neora Valley Resort, Rishop
  • Suntec Eco Resort, Rishop


Desire Gaon, Darjeeling

In the lap of the hills, the lovely village of the clouds – Ichha Gaon. From one mountain to another, when you set foot in Icchegaon, it will feel like a paradise or a little dreamland with the magic of heaven. Chichgaon – means the highest village in Lepcha language. Over this village, light clouds come down from time to time. When the light gradually decreases, you will stand on the top of a small hill, from where the view of the sunset is very pleasant, very warm and soft. The farming of Chachgaon is all organic.

There is no application of chemical fertilizers, nor use of pesticides. Cutting steps on the mountain is a huge activity. These villages are now largely self-sufficient by growing crops in this manner. Walking around the small, well-kept village is a great experience. Every house is decorated with colorful mountain flowers. And when the night falls, sit on the balcony in the dark and enjoy the pristine solitude. The village falls asleep, awake only by the night stars of the distant Darjeeling road – the headlights of moving cars.

Visible from the balcony adjacent to the house, the dark golden Manoharan form of the beautiful Kanchenjunga sunset or the white and white form of the morning is an attempt to satisfy the hunger of the eyes. If you want you can go out on small treks. It may be ‘Silari Gaon’ in the east or a pine forest higher up or some other unknown exotic country.

Where will you stay

Small settlements now dot the hills bordering Sikkim and West Bengal, where the management of homestays has brought about a radical change in the concept of tourism. All places are full of their own resources surrounded by Himel Parash and green Banani of Himalayas. What is more encouraging is that some natives here have developed chain tourism businesses on their own initiative. You can contact any one of them and they will arrange the accommodation for you as long as you tell them the date of your journey, duration, trek or car journey, mountain climbing or dense jungle – whatever you want.

Even pick up from New Jalpaiguri station and transfer back to NJP by train at the end of the entire journey – all in one package tour. Maybe you can arrange this with a local travel agent in Kolkata or another city. But under the management of the local people here, you will get the touch of the genuine charm of the hill people, and your pocket will also be saved.


Lolegaon, Darjeeling

Lolegaon is actually a small Lapcha village with a population of around 5000. Lolegaon is just 55 km from Kalimpong, 124 km from Siliguri and 24 km from Lava. Surrounded by cloud-covered pine forests, this village is an alluring place for those who love to be close to nature. It is an ideal place to watch sunrise and sunset in Kanchenjunga. The word Lolegaon locally means happy village. The biggest attraction of this village is the Canopy Walk. The 75-meter-long canopy through the cloud-covered pine forest draws travelers. Apart from this, there are several sightseeing spots besides Monastery, Sunrise Point, Sunset Point.

How to go

In fact, you can travel to Lolegaon at any time except the monsoon season. It is wise to avoid these four monsoon months, from June to September.

From Kolkata by bus or train to NJP or by plane to Bagdogra and Lolegaon by car. Kalimpong should be taken by jeep from Siliguri’s Johnson Terminal. The rent is one hundred and twenty rupees. Reserve Jeep will be available for Rs 2,500. You can go from Kalimpong to Lolegaon by jeep or bus. Or you can go to Lolegaon directly by jeep from Siliguri.

Besides, you can go to Lolegaon or New Mal Junction by jeep directly from Burimari border. Lolegaon can be reached by jeep from New Mall Junction or Malbazar. From Kolkata you can take the Kanchenjunga Express to New Mall Junction and from there you can go to Lolegaon by jeep.

Where will you stay

The number of hotels in Lolegaon is less. The Forest Development Corporation has cottages and a number of private hotels. Home stay is available. There are many hotels in Lava. Apart from that there are forest department resorts.

Blue Pine Retreat has 8 cottages, each with a small balcony. The rent will be Rs 1800 plus 10% service charge. Besides, the room rent will be like 1200 rupees.

Sunrise Hotel has double bed and four bed rooms. Double bed Kanchenjunga view room rent will be like 1150 rupees, forest view double room rent will be like 950 rupees. Apart from this, the rent of a four-bed room will be 1400 rupees.

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