Documents required for Italy Tourist Visa!

Documents required for Italy Tourist Visa!


Italy Tourist Visa

1- “C” (C) type visa form (fully completed and signed by the applicant) If the applicant is below 18 years of age, the visa form should be signed by the parent and the parent should be present at the time of application along with the Bangladesh Government approved identity card as proof of signature.

2- Passport valid for at least 180 days and must have at least 1 blank page on both sides (copy of all visa pages – if previously traveled on visa to another country).

3- Two copies of passport size and type color photographs taken recently. (Photo must be taken within 6 months and background must be white)

4- For employees:

  • a) Appointment letter,
  • b) Salary Statement / Salary Slip for last six months (Original + Photocopy)

For Business/Employers:

  • a) Company registration document of the applicant,
  • b) Certificate of Incorporation,
  • c) Memorandum of Articles and Association (list of shareholders name page with copy of first two pages and copy of last page)
  • d) Need to submit Valid membership certificate data / paper with local Chamber of Commerce,
  • e) Tax/TIN Number,
  • f) VAT registration number,
  • g) Trade License (Original + Photocopy).

5- Bank Statement- recent six months (personal and company, original and photocopy), credit card statement (if any).

6- Additional documents for spouse or family members:

  • For husband or wife (marriage certificate) i.e. husband applying for tourist visa for his wife this certificate is required.
  • In case of children (birth certificate).
  • In case of students (approval letter from school with ID card photocopy).
  • Family certificate in case of someone in the family (the certificate will be issued in the name of the head of the family and should include the names of all the members including the head of the family).

If any of the children is traveling with only father or mother other than one of the two parents, in that case no objection letter of the father/mother should be provided.

7- A very important point: “Lettera di invito” for tourist visa (lettera di invito) invitation letter plays a very important role, as you can send this invitation letter for your brother, which is a very effective role for your brother to get this visa. But at the same time you have to show 6 months bank statement from your Italian bank account and after he comes to you you will cover his food expenses during his trip if he fails. In that sense, you have to deposit three and a half thousand euros in the bank, it should be noted that many people do not have a bank account, or even if they don’t have that amount of money.

So why can’t you invite your brother, sister or friend? The answer is yes: of course. For those who don’t have a bank account or don’t have that amount of money in the bank, there is an insurance company in Italy that provides such insurance for 250, 300 euros, through which if your brother has any problems after coming to Italy, Then the cost of his stay will be covered by this insurance company, which in Italian is called “Fideiussione bancaria” (Fideiussione bancaria) Bank Guarantee Bank Guarantee.

And the sad thing is that many of us have language problems, where and how can this work be done and cheaply? Worried about that. And so there is the Imopari team for you, it should be noted that Imopari has an agreement to work together with the most renowned Italian insurance companies and banks. So why don’t you live anywhere in Italy even those who have no one in Italy? They will also be able to collect such bank guarantee documents from Bangladesh at the best price through our team.

Not only that but how to make invitations? You can also get all kinds of help from our team regarding what you need, etc. You can contact us directly by clicking on the below link about us.

8- Medical insurance coverage documents for at least 30000 Euros for the period of stay abroad due to his health problems along with bank guarantee, means you have to have two types of insurance.

  • – One is the bank guarantee insurance, which assures the Italian embassy that the bank will help in case of any food related problems during his trip abroad and
  • – Medical insurance, which will bear medical expenses including doctor expenses in case of any physical problem during his travel abroad. And we can provide you with this medical insurance at a very low price. 9- Return air ticket booking i.e. ticket booking of PNR number (original and photocopy must be provided), note that this is also a nominal price and you can do it in any part of the world through our team. Why? You can do it very easily.

10- The Embassy of Italy reserves the right to request further documentation if necessary.

11- At least 30 calendar days may be required to complete the visa application process. But currently the embassy takes more time than that.

Italy Tourist Visa

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