Apply for Schengen VISA to travel to Europe!

Apply for Schengen VISA to travel to Europe!

Schengen VISA

In 1985, several European countries signed an agreement in the Luxembourg city of Schengen to facilitate their internal travel. The countries covered by this agreement are called the Schengen area and the visa issued is called the Schengen Visa. there is 26+ European countries belong to the Schengen area. A 90-day Schengen visa allows hassle-free access to 26 European countries for business work or travel.


Name of 26 countries covered by Schengen VISA

Greece, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Iceland, Italy, Estonia, Portugal, 
France, Finland, Belgium, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, 
Slovenia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Hungary.

How to apply for a visa

Each information box in the visa application form must be filled. Visa application is not accepted if any information field is empty or wrong information is given. 1 copy of application form must be submitted with date and signature. You can see how to fill the application form from this link.

Documents required with visa application

  • A passport valid for at least six months after the end of travel must be submitted.
  • Two recent passport size photographs on white background. Full face must appear in the picture. Photo for Schengen visa application
  • You can know details about all conditions of submission from this link.
  • Clear photocopy of personal information pages of passport should be attached.
  • One photocopy should also be submitted along with the original copy of each document.
  • If any document is in Bengali, English or German translation of that document should be added along with Bengali.
  • Must have health insurance (minimum 30 thousand euro value).


Documents required for travel visa

  • Detailed information about where to travel.
  • Personal bank statement of last three months.
  • Hotel booking information where applicable (e-mail print out of hotel booking confirmation is not accepted.)
  • Marriage certificate, birth certificate and details of children where applicable.

Documents required for business visa

  • A written letter must be submitted from the organization or company on behalf of which you are traveling in Bangladesh explaining the need for travel. The same rule applies even if you are the owner of the organization.
  • The original copy of the invitation letter sent by the company and the invitation letter must be in English or German.
  • Trade license and last three months bank statement of the company.
  • Company’s Certificate of Incorporation or Memorandum & Articles of Association (if applicable).
  • Marriage certificate with birth certificate and details of children (if applicable).
  • Some additional documents are required for participation in trade fairs organized by Schengen countries. For example: hotel
  • Hotel reservation details along with address and exhibitor pass if stall allotted.

Documents required to meet someone

  • Signed guarantor form of the person to be visited
  • Personal bank account details for at least last three months
  • Submit Proof of relationship with the person where you are going to meet 
  • Flight reservation copy.
  • Marriage certificate, birth certificate and details of children where applicable.
  • Hotel booking information where applicable (e-mail print out of hotel booking confirmation is not accepted.)


In case of children

  • Permission slips from parents or legal guardians and guardians must be present at the embassy at the time of visa application for children.

Documents required for Airport Transit Visa

  • Visa, flight reservation of the country to be visited from Schengen area

B: Note: Health insurance is not required for transit visas.

Some more important information

  • It usually takes 7 working days for Schengen visa to be issued. However, in some cases it may take up to 3 to 4 weeks due to document verification. So try to submit the visa application at least 3 to 5 weeks before the scheduled date of travel time.
  • An administration fee is required to be submitted immediately after the interview for each visa.
  • After the visa is issued, check the visa information while collecting the passport.
  • Those who want to send an invitation letter to a person in Bangladesh should send the invitation letter to the visa applicant and submit the invitation letter sent by you to the embassy along with the tourist visa application. 

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