Air India Aims To Resolve Over 600 Pending Cases

Air India’s legal team is working to resolve more than 600 court cases, some of which are over 15 years old. The Tata Group, which bought Air India, is leading a clean-up drive to resolve these legal issues. Around a quarter of the backlog has already been resolved amicably. The proposed merger between Air India and Vistara recently received clearance from the Competition Commission of India, but additional approvals are still required. Air India is also taking steps to address regulatory issues that have been brought to its attention.

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Air India is currently facing the daunting task of resolving over 600 court cases, some of which date back over 15 years. As a state-run carrier, the airline accumulated a backlog of legal issues over the years. However, since its acquisition by the Tata Group, efforts have been made to address these pending cases.

The legal team at Air India has been diligently working to resolve the backlog of court cases filed by customers against the airline. In recent months, they have successfully resolved around one quarter of the backlog, with positive feedback from customers appreciating the proactive outreach to resolve long-standing cases.

While progress is being made in the legal clean-up, some merger approvals are still pending. The proposed merger between Air India and Vistara has received clearance from the Competition Commission of India, but further approvals are required, especially from authorities in Singapore, as Singapore Airlines owns a stake in Vistara.

Air India is aware of the importance of regulatory approval in the aviation sector and is taking corrective steps to address any issues. Recently, the airline faced scrutiny from India’s aviation regulator for internal audit lapses, leading to temporary suspension of its simulator training facilities. However, measures are being taken to rectify these problems.

Overall, Air India is working towards resolving its legal backlog and ensuring regulatory compliance as it undergoes financial restructuring and prepares for potential mergers.

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