Some of the famous places to visit in Bhutan!

Some of the best famous places to visit in Bhutan!

📍Chele La Pass, Bhutan

Chele La Pass – Another famous pass of Bhutan. On this route, trade with Tibet was going on, and on this route, Tibet was attacked several times. Lately, tourists have gathered on this road. Passing the Paro airport one has to drive through a dense green pine forest. This journey is about 23 km. Various birds and wildlife are present in these forests. Under the blue sky is a pass called Chele La Pass, painted like a picture. The touch of Himalayan frosty air, thousands of prayer flags and Himalayan peaks in the sky. The view of Bhutan from the top of Chele La Hill is simply stunning.

On the way to ‘Ha’ from Paro is Chele La Pass – the highest road pass in Bhutan. its colder here because of only the altitude. There are no words to describe the scenic view from the Chele La Pass at an altitude of about 13,084 feet. Mount Jomolhari can be seen from here when the sun is shining and there are no clouds. All along the road from Paro to Chelala Pass are green valleys, colorful flowers, orange and apple orchards. The highest motorable road in Bhutan is the Chelala Pass (highest motorable pass) road connecting Paro Valley and Havali. There is no accommodation at Chele La Pass. You can take a car from Paro and visit Chele La.

Some of the best famous places to visit in Bhutan!
📍Punakha, Bhutan

Punakha is a town in Bhutan and is located 72 km from Thimpu. Punakha was the capital and seat of government of Bhutan until 1955 AD, when the capital was moved to Thimphu. Punakha is currently the winter capital of Bhutan It takes about 3 hours to reach Punakha by car from the capital Thimpu. Punakha can be reached by driving from Thimphu through Dochula Pass.

Dochula is the holy land of Bhutanese. Dochula is covered with small religious flags with numerous religious designs. The main attraction in Dochula is the Buddhist monastery here. If the sky is clear, the entire Himalayan range can be seen from this 3050m high pass. It is the most fertile valley.

Sightseeing in Punakha
Punakha’s attractions include the Pho Chu and Mo Chu rivers and the famous Punakha Jung. You can also visit the National Library, Handicraft Emperium, Painting School and Traditional Medical Institute.

Punakha Rafting
Rafting has now become a major and great attraction of Punakha for travelers. Drive along the mountain river to see the breathtaking scenery around. When you hear rafting you think of adventure, there is no such thing here. The guides will read the birds and explain when to do what. Just follow that. The cost is two thousand rupees per head in peak season. After 14 km by river, there is a change of clothes at a local hotel.

After reaching Punakha in the morning, you can go rafting to Punakha Jung. It will take a huge time to visit this. In the afternoon you can visit the fertility temple and go to the surrounding villages. any time But March to May and September to November are best.

📍Bumthang, Bhutan

270 km from the capital Thimpu. Bumthang, located far away and at a height of eight and a half thousand feet, is like a bit of heaven. ‘Boom’ means a vessel for holding water on the altar of the deity and ‘thang’ means a valley. Bumthang is a very sacred place for Buddhists. Bhutan’s most important dzongs, temples and mahals are located here. Check out the Wangdicholing Palace, Jambe Lakhang Temple and the largest Bhutanese Dzhak Dzong. Take a walk along the hot spring area. Blue Sheep, Musk Deer, Himalayan Bear can be seen in this area. You will find good restaurants only in Bumthang.


  • Jakar Jung: A Lama named Wangchuck built this Jung. This jungle is considered to be a landmark not only in Bumthang but in the whole of Bhutan.
  • Jumbo Lakhang: This Lakhang was built by the Tibetan king Sangsen Gampo in the seventh century.
  • Kurz Lakhang: In 1652, the Tibetan monk Rinpoche did penance here. This lakhang with three temples. This lakhang with three temples. There is also a huge of Buddha statue which is very old.
  • Tamshing Lakhang: Tamshing Lakhang is located near Kurz Lakhang. In 1501, a lama named Terton Pema Lingpa made this Lakhang.
  • Also there is Uri Valley, Dochula Pass.


📍Paro, Bhutan

The Paro Valley surrounds the Paro River at an altitude of 7,500 feet, an hour’s drive from Thimpu. Paro has various stories. However, its natural and colorful beauty is not to be forgotten Especially in the spring season, the appearance of Paro becomes incomparable and the sight is pleasant. In Paro you will find Paro Jung, National Museum. But the biggest attraction of Paro is Tiger’s Nest. This monastery is situated on a cliff 80 km from Paro. The walking path is also very beautiful. Bhutan Tourism has created a beautiful coffee house here to wet the throats of the visitors.

A number of notable places have been found around the town of Paro. The Rimpu Jung here is not as big as the previous Jungs but it is quite nice to visit. You can go up to the museum. The erstwhile Tajong Fort is now the National Museum. The museum’s collection of stamps and ancient coins is impressive. 15 km from here are the ruins of Drukgyal Jung fort on the Tibetan border.

Descend from the fort to reach Kichu Monastery. The orange trees inside the monastery bear fruit throughout the year. The main hall of the monastery has a huge idol of Guru Padmasambhava. If you have time, you can trek from Taksang Gumpha at the top of the mountain – the popular name of this gumpha is ‘Tiger’s Nest’ – ‘Tiger’s Nest’!

If you are in Paro on a Sunday, you can also visit the weekly market. If the weather is good, on the way back to Paro, one can see the sacred mountain ‘Chomo Lahri’ (24,035 feet) for the people of Bhutan and Tibet – From Paro, the trek goes to ‘Vonte La’ – Chomo Lahri Base Camp. The best time to visit is October and November of the year. Because at this time the sky is clear and mountains, rivers, forests can be seen very clearly. Also the weather is good and most of Bhutan’s festivals are held during this time.

how to go
There are three entry points to Bhutan by road – Samdrup Dzongkhare (South-East Bhutan), Gele Phu (South Bhutan) and Phuntsholing (South-West Bhutan). In general, it is convenient to go to Funtsholing by road. You have to reach Newzalpaiguri or Alipurduar by train. Funtsholing can be reached by bus or rental car from the local bus stand. From Phuntsholing you can again take a bus or a rental car to Thimphu or Paro.

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