Perfect Travel Guide to Kathmandu in Nepal!

Perfect travel guide to Kathmandu in Nepal!

Best time to visit Kathmandu

October and November are generally the best time to visit Kathmandu, Nepal. During this time the weather is dry but the cold is less than other times as it is the beginning of winter and the sky is clear during this time which makes it enjoyable to travel and prepare well for trekking. If you go to Kathmandu around September, you can face many kinds of problems because that time is the beginning of monsoon season.

The weather is dry till April when there is a good winter but Kathmandu does not freeze and sometimes the temperature drops to 0° so those who usually love winter can visit during this time. If you don’t like RB or want to travel during low season then you can go to Kathmandu between March to mid April or September as this is the best time to visit Nepal.

How to get to Kathmandu, Nepal

You thought you can go from Bangladesh to Nepal very easily. You can go from Bangladesh to Nepal by air. Your cost will be between 18,000 to 22,000 taka for a round-trip ticket, but if you book the ticket in advance, it will be 17,000 taka in many cases. But Kathmandu flights are mostly through deals. In this case private airlines can provide good service.

If you want to go to Nepal by road then your cost will be reduced here. In that case you have to take transit visa of India and name the port there as Changrabandha or Raniganj. And generally there is no visa fee required at Nepal immigration either here or on the plane unless you are traveling twice in the same year. RSR Paribahan is providing direct Nepal Bus facility on Bye Road. And if you think you can go to the border of India and from there you can go to Kankar Vita in Nepal. If you want to go this way then your total cost will be around 13 to 14 thousand rupees.

Perfect travel guide to Kathmandu in Nepal!
Where to stay in Kathmandu?

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Nepal, there’s no better place than Thamel. And there are numerous hotels and hostels in the alleys of Thamel. You will find a good and attractive double room hotel here between 1000 to 1800 rupees. And if you think of staying in a single room hotel then here you will get it within 400 rupees.

And if your budget is more like ₹3000 or more then many good hotels with deluxe room meals are available here. But generally the hotels in Thamel and their prices and looks are so varied that instead of booking them in advance, you can find some cheap but good quality hotels if you just walk around the hotels.


what to eat there

Generally, Nepalis prefer rice as their staple food. So wherever you go in Kathmandu it is almost impossible not to eat rice. Besides, you will get fish, chicken, salad, vegetables and raita along with rice. Also, Nepal being a winter country, there is a lot of beeswax. There are numerous wax shops in many places in Thamel and Kathmandu. Apart from that, tea and coffee of different colors and flavors are also available here. Not only that, there are many people here who make tea from flower petals and sell them in various places on the streets. And what can I say about modern food and dining, you will get everything in this Kathmandu.

How to shop

In fact, Thamel is one of the most convenient places to shop from Kathmandu. Because there are so many shops and interesting things that are not seen in other parts of Kathmandu. But one thing you must keep in mind is that this is a tourist area so everything here will be a bit more expensive. So generally what to buy and bargain here will depend on how well you know things.

Perfect travel guide to Kathmandu in Nepal!
Kathmandu travel cost

If you usually travel alone to Kathmandu, your expenses will be much higher. But if you can take a group, then your expenses will be reduced a lot here. Generally, if you travel to other sightseeing places in Kathmandu, you can spend 30 to 32 thousand taka per person in terms of staying for 2-3 days, eating and traveling. But if you can go to Nepal by road then it is possible to reduce the cost by 6 to 10 thousand rupees.

And the interesting places to visit in Kathmandu are all close by, so there is no extra cost there. Besides, there are special benefits for the citizens of SAARC countries, for example – the total ticket price for temple tickets for citizens of SAARC countries is less than one-third of the total ticket price and those outside SAARC countries. The citizens of those countries do not have much money. And if you think of taking the food list, you will get a plate of beautiful food between 150 to 350 taka. So you can complete the trip to Kathmandu very well in front of the cost of accommodation and travel.


Nepal is a beautiful and diverse country in Asia. Although the country is very small in size, the country has great beauty. I think people who are generally adventurous should visit Nepal at least once. By traveling to Nepal, you will be introduced to different cultures. Every year thousands of tourists from different countries come to visit Nepal to see the unique beauty and grandeur of Nepal. And there are all kinds of facilities especially for the citizens of SAARC countries. So visit Nepal at least once and see the unique beauty of the country and its culture.

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