Kalimpong’s best places, hotels and food!

Kalimpong's best places, hotels and food!

Kalimpong, Darjeeling

Kalimpong is a small town 50 km east of Darjeeling. Located at Altitude: 1200 meters. Once upon a time trade between India and Tibet was going through this city. Its history is hidden in the word Kalimpong. This city once housed the central office of the Governor of Bhutan. The word ‘Kalim’ means ‘Minister of the King’ and the word ‘Pong’ means ‘Centre of Power’.

One of the highlights of Kalimpong is the walk through the thick forest of golden oak trees, stepping on the moss. Kalimpong’s excellent weather and several other tourist spots in its vicinity make the city one of the destinations for travelers.

Sights of Kalimpong

Gouripur House

Four km from the city: To the south-east lies the famous Gouripur House, bearing the footprints of the poet Rabindranath Tagore. Locally known as ‘Chitrabhanu’. Rabindranath often stayed here on his way to and from Mongpu. Coming to this quiet and secluded environment located on the hills, you will remember the famous line of Rabindranath’s poem ‘Chir Ami’ “Then who says go, I am not in that morning?” I will play all the games.” It will feel like you are hearing the heartbeat of Rabindranath.



Reshop-Rimbik is considered as the best tourist center in Kalimpong region. It is located at an altitude of 8250 feet, 10 km from Lava and 28 km from Kalimpong. Trekking up the hill from Lava leads to the ‘lone tree at the top of the hill’ (the meaning of the word ‘rishop’). Of course, there is also a zip line from Lava to Reshop. The road to Reshop is still unpaved.

As electricity did not arrive yet, there is a fun medieval feel to staying here. Reshop is a reservoir of immense beauty. And Kanchenjunga is close at hand. Local Sherpa and Lepchara have built several tourist accommodation like cottages. Nathula Pass, Three Borders, Gangtok, Himalayas with Tibetan mountains are seen from here.



Lolegaon is a small, quiet village in Kalimpong. It is beautiful. Nature has gifted Lolegaon with thick green forests and tranquil valleys. Kanchenjunga standing in the morning mist is very attractive to tourists. From Kalimpong and Lava, it takes an hour to drive to Lolegaon through winding roads surrounded by pine forests. View the nearby town of Kalimpong from the balcony of the bungalow. It is a wonderful sight in the evening. It seems that countless Jonakis have lit the lamp on the hilltop. You can spend time sitting here.


Jang Dhog Palri Fodang

It is situated at an altitude of 1372 m on the summit of Durpin Hill, 3 km from the city: South East. It is also known as Durpin Monastery. The largest monastery in Kalimpong was dedicated in 1976 in the name of Buddhist religious guru Dalai Lama. The ocher posture of Buddhist religious gurus, the melodious tones of chanting, the ringing of bells, the smoke of incense and the magical light of twilight create a mystical atmosphere here every afternoon. If you want, you can also join this prayer meeting.


Lepcha Museum

It is a must-see for history minded tourists. There are various types of written signs of Lepcha life world and culture and a collection of Lepcha musical instruments. Located at a distance of one km from the city.

Kalimpong's best places, hotels and food!

Pineview Nursery

It is also known as Cactus Nursery. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kalimpong. In this nursery located in the suburbs, for twenty rupees per visit, you can get to know about fifteen hundred types of rare species of wonderful cacti. It occupies a prominent position in Asia in terms of cactus collection.


Hanuman Temple

The place is famous for the red colored Hanuman deity, a twenty five to thirty feet high metal structure placed on top of the hill. Wherever you look from here, the unique beauty of the Himalayas will fascinate you. There is a small temple of Goddess Durga right in front of the Hanuman deity installation. The peaceful atmosphere of the mountain, the silence of the pine forest and the flow of devotees will inspire you to think about the mystery of the creation of the world and the futility of earthly life.

Delo Hill – Delo Hill is the highest point in Kalimpong. Kalimpong city is best seen from here.

Kalimpong Arts and Craft Center – The Kalimpong Arts and Craft Center in Kalimpong houses various historical items of poet Rabindranath Tagore.

Teesta Bazaar – Almost all tourists visit this market when they come to Kalimpong. Cheap items are available here.

Roman Catholic Church – The Roman Catholic Church was established here during the British colonial rule.

Jang Dhok Palri Fodang – There are many Buddhist monasteries in Kalimpong. Among them, Jang Dhok Palri Fodang Monastery is famous.

Mac Farlane Church – Scottish missionaries built this church in 1891.

Morgan House – This is one of the oldest bungalows in Kalimpong built during the British period.

Science City – The recently built Science City is located within one kilometer from Delo. This hilltop place is one of the favorite places for kids.

Tosongan Gumpha – The oldest Bhutanese monastery in Darjeeling district bears witness to the Bhutanese occupation of Kalimpong. According to most experts, this ashram was established around 1600. Surgeon René named this monastery as ‘Tuso Chimpa’.

Kalimpong's best places, hotels and food!

Travel Time

The climate is fairly pleasant throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Kalimpong is March to June and September to February. The mild weather of summer and the fresh foliage of trees on the hills and the sunny weather of autumn and winter, the clear blue sky and the mesmerizing view of the snow peaks of the Himalayas automatically beckon tourists.

How to go

For traveling to Kalimpong, Bangladeshi travelers are advised to cross the border through Burimari Checkpost at Lalmonirhat. Siliguri is two hours away from Changrabandha in the Indian part by private taxi or shared taxi. Then proceed to Kalimpong by road from Siliguri by private taxi or bus. It will take 2.30 minutes. Fare 40-60 Rs.

You can also go through Kolkata. Distance from Kolkata to Kalimpong is 646 km. Darjeeling Mail leaves Calcutta Shealda daily at 7 pm for New Jalpaiguri station. It takes 12 hours. It takes three hours to reach Kalimpong from New Jalpaiguri by bus, minibus or jeep. You can also take a direct bus to Kalimpong from Kolkata’s Ultodanga bus terminal.

The nearest airport from Kalimpong is at Bagdogra near Siliguri. Kalimpong is about 70 km from Bagdogra. Bagdogra, located in the northern part of West Bengal, is an important domestic airport with regular flights from Kolkata, Delhi.

Where will you stay

West Bengal Tourism Department has several tourist lodges here. One km away from the bus stand is Morgan Tourist Lodge on the main road, two km away is Kalimpong Tourist Lodge on the way to Durpin Stand, next to it is Tashi Tourist Lodge and Hilltop Tourist Lodge. You can also opt for private hotel accommodation as per your availability. Relatively good quality hotels are – Deki Lodge, Hotel Silver Oaks, Himalayan Hotel, Jaypee Lodge, Kalimpong Park Hotel, Hotel Mountain View etc.

Some hotels are given:

  • Silver Oaks (Star), Ringkingpong Road, Kalimpong
  • Kalimpong Park Hotel, Ringkingpong Road, Kalimpong
  • Hotel Himalaya (Heritage), Upper Cart Road, Kalimpong
  • Delo Tourist Lodge, Delo, Kalimpong
  • Durpin Tourist Lodge, Durpin, Kalimpong
  • Alkananda Guest House, Upper Cart Road, Kalimpong

Where to shop

Shopping in Kalimpong is a great experience. Wood carving is a traditional craft of the region. A large number of Tibetans have made their way to Kalimpong with their handicrafts. Tibetan woolen cloths, jewelry and noodles are very popular with those who visit Kalimpong for shopping. If you want to buy souvenirs, you can find tapestry bags, copperware, parchments and paintings while shopping in Kalimpong. Fresh ginger, honey and a special type of hard cheese are available in abundance in Kalimpong. These are also very popular items for shopping in Kalimpong.

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