Beautiful 5 Best Mountains Valley in Darjeeling!

Beautiful 5 Best Mountains Valley in Darjeeling!

Beautiful 5 Best Mountains Valley

Sitong, Darjeeling

Sittong is a Lepcha village surrounded by mountains and covered with greenery. Another new address in Kamalebur Valley. This small area of Karshiang sub-division is now the new attraction on the tourist map. Home stay services are also available. If you go down for ten minutes, you will find an orange garden (in winter). You will be greeted by a bunch of oranges hanging from the trees. On the first day, take a short walk around Lepcha Village, Panch Pokhri, Namthing Pokhri and a short jungle trek. On the second day went to Kabiguru’s memorial Mongpu. Visit Tagore Museum and Orchid House.

On the way you will find the small mountain damal river Riang Khola and that orange village. Next day i.e. third day you have to go to Latpanchar, Aldhara view point. These places have now become more attractive for bird watching. The sky is full of clouds, and the mountains between the clouds Oranges are all around in winter This is the identity of Sitong village in Karshiang From here you can visit Panchpokhri, Latpanchar, Mongpu, Ahaldwara. Bird lovers who have visited from here, they say they have seen sixteen types of birds here!!

What will you see?

The small Sitong on the lap of the hill is like the perfect canvas of a nature painter This village of Lepchad is a hotbed of orange cultivation Every house has a beautiful orchid garden An ancient bamboo bridge and church can be seen after a short walk along the green village road Little Riang River meanders through the orange groves And if you have time, you can visit Kabiguru’s residence in Mongpu From Sitong you can trek through Labda, Sixin to Chatakpur and then go to Karshiang via Bagora.

how to go

The best time to visit Sitong is from November to February, when the trees in the entire village are filled with oranges. That is why another name of Sitong is Orange Valley. Sitong can be accessed from three directions. The shortest route is from Siliguri via Sevak via 55 km road The second route is from Siliguri via Ramvi and Mongpu The third road is from Karshiang via Dilaram via Bagora and Ghariyatar

where will you stay

Newly constructed guest house of Sitong Church There are a total of 9 state-of-the-art rooms Hot water and organic food will be available 24 hours a day Besides, there are three very nice new cottages in Upper Sitong. Each has two double bed rooms, toilet, 24 hours hot water, car parking space. Name Rishan Cottage. All beautiful furniture. In all, 14 to 18 people can stay together.

The most important thing is that you will see the white Kanchanjangha from all the houses. Go down a bit for the orange grove. You will eat all day. 1000 rupees per person per day with accommodation and food. 1100 taka per person, per day if two are staying in a four person room.

There is a lawn in front. Bonfire is arranged. Meghbitan is an address located right in the middle of the tea plantations and from here you get an unparalleled 180 degree view of Kanchenjunga, the most expensive of the hills. Meghbitan has two five-bed cottages. If there are two people, it will cost 1500 taka, if there are three people, it will cost 1300 taka, and if there are four or five people, it will cost 1200 taka. Yes, per person per day including meals. If you want, you can stay in the tent for 1000 rupees.

  • 1) Sitang 1 : Special Homestay, Ghaeltar
  • 2) Sitang 2 : Mukhiya Homestay, Yogighata

Chatakpur, Darjeeling

Chatakpur is the name of a sleepy green village on the hill next to Tiger Hill in Karshiang Sub-Division of Darjeeling District. Chatakpur is located at an altitude of 7788 feet in Sinchal Sanctuary. The primary attraction of the place is its magnificent mountain view and a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Only 19 families live here – the population is around 90. Everywhere you look in this small village there is only green and green. Crown of ice on the head – horizon pair Kanchenjunga. Apart from this, several other famous peaks of the Himalayas can be seen. It will depend on the clear skies though. Immense silence in the dense forest.

Sometimes it is broken by the calls of different species of birds. Looking down from the hill, the city of Siliguri and Jalpaiguri can be seen. As if painted on canvas. You will see the salamander in Chatakpur. Beautiful wooden houses dot the steps of the hill. The vegetable and flower garden adjacent to each house looks very beautiful. Kanchenjunga can be seen on the road and can be reached on foot at the local market. 25 people sitting with their vegetables, fruits and about the same number of customers. Sellers are buyers in this market. A very reciprocal relationship.

After eating and drinking in the afternoon, you can take some rest and go out to visit the local Sinchal Sanctuary. This sanctuary is filled with pine, birch, juniper. Spread over 39 square km at an altitude of 7800 feet, various types of birds, peacocks, deer, leopards, black bears, cheetahs, wild cats etc. live here. A water reservoir can be reached after about an hour’s walk. Different animals come here to drink water at different times of the day. So if you wait, you will see several forest animals including Balga Deer.

Darjeeling (one and a half hour drive) / Lepchajagat / Lamahata can be visited in a day trip from Chatakpur. After finishing the morning photoshoot, after breakfast, slowly go out and come back before evening. 3000 rupees for incoming and 2000 rupees for drop cable.

how to go

There are three different roads leading to Chatakpur. One by the third mile of Peshok Road, the second at Dilaram in Siliguri Darjeeling connecting Hill Cart Road and the third at Sonada near Darjeeling to the right (beside the post office). Whichever route you follow, remember that it is an offense to enter the forest without the permission of the forest department and the forest department. If one goes to the forest or spends a night here one needs permission from the forest department which costs 100 rupees per person and

per vehicle (keep the permission coupon carefully as it has to be shown at the check post at the home stay and on the way back). Among the three routes, Sonda – Chatakpur route is the shortest. From New Jalpaiguri or NJP or Siliguri you can book a taxi or take a shared taxi to reach Chatakpur via Ghum or Jorbanglo or Sonada. The location of Chatakpur is 77 km from NJP. Besides, the distance from Lepchajagat to Chatakpur is 22 km. And from Darjeeling, if you are sleepy or tired, you will reach the 11 km road in 45 minutes.

Beautiful 5 Best Mountains Valley in Darjeeling!

Gurdum, Darjeeling

Gurdum village is next to the Singalila range which is well known and popular for the Sandakphu-Falut trek. On the way down from Sandakphu, many people stop at Gurudum. About 10 km from Sandakphu, this picturesque village will be found on the way to Srikhola. Floating in the clouds, you will feel as if you have reached an unknown fairyland in a dream. Where all around is the sound of birds and soft green pine trees spread in front.

Suddenly the eyes will see the decoration of unknown flowers, sometimes the laughter of a group of children will be mixed with the murmur of the mountain spring. When you reach the riverside on foot, your feet will touch the cold, crystal clear water of Soujikhola. All these things together. One can find a place to breathe away from all the noise in this piece of heaven.

Rangbul, Darjeeling

Rangbull village, just five km below the sleep of Darjeeling, is a small village wrapped in a green carpet of tea gardens. When the mind is tired of the urban life and seeks some peace, wants to spend some time quietly with loved ones, Rangbul can be the new address of that mind. Apart from the long list of sightseeing, sightseeing and shopping, Rangbul is probably for those who want to spend time alone with nature. From early morning tea to late night dinner, there is only quiet nature, only the movement of clouds in the green and blue sky.

Nestled in a tea plantation 15 km from Darjeeling, this well-appointed resort is not extravagant but sincerity is their capital. Every moment you spend at such a resort can become golden memories. Walking alone in the early morning with the birdsong in the streets of this hamlet or lost in the greenery of a tea garden. Apart from that, those who love birds will see different species of birds along the Balasun river. So Rangbul should be the destination for a two-day holiday.

Places to visit near Rangbul

There are many places to see around. Those who love to trek can visit Indrani Falls on foot. Darjeeling, Ghum, Karshiang all can be visited. Besides, Batasia Loop, Japanese Temple, Zoo, Happy Valley Tea Estate can be visited in one day. Tiger Hill is a 10 km one day sightseeing


Dawaipani, Darjeeling

Dawaipani is a quaint village near Darjeeling at an altitude of 6,500 feet, with Kanchenjunga views at every turn, every house. A quiet, peaceful hill village surrounded by natural beauty in the lap of the Himalayas. A bit offbeat for tourists but a paradise for nature lovers. Opposite the Tiger Hill of Darjeeling and just 15 km from Darjeeling city is the forested village Dawaipani. Apart from Kanchenjunga, the otherworldly beauty of several other peaks from this quiet village will delight the mind.

Namchi Chardham and Samdrupse Math are also clearly visible from here. And Darjeeling city can be seen. Look at Darjeeling as the sun sets, it will feel like Diwali. Every night the whole city is lit up like this. Sunrise and sunset views from Dawaipani are amazing. There is also an opportunity for mountain climbing here. And those who love birds, will easily spend the day seeing all the unknown birds. 

Dawaipani village is hidden in the middle of the green empire if you look at the western hills from Darjeeling Mall. Even if the car road turns a lot, if it is possible to fly by air, the distance between the two places is only 4 km. Although it has only recently received the light of familiarity. If the sky is clear, then the Dawai water is incomparable. The only road for cars has rolled down the hill for a long distance. One by one bone-chilling hairpin bends from Nayavasti to Puranavasti. All the houses, primary schools etc. are along this road. Cultivated land steps down. Etiuti broom bush.

There is nothing else to do in Dawaipani except to walk along the pakdandi of the village and see the nature with your eyes full. Go to Dawaipani if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature in a quiet and secluded place. The colorful beauty of the sunrise and sunset on the chest of the snow-capped Himalayas will not be easily forgotten. Recently many home stays have been built on the main road. Kanchenjunga is visible from all. The whole Dawaipani village is like a viewpoint. There is no need to get up at night like Darjeeling and go to Tiger Hill shivering in the cold.

For the rest of the day, from morning to evening, the journey will be filled with a different sweetness by getting to know the simple nature and incomparable hospitality of the people of the village. If you want to see the familiar and unfamiliar birds of the Himalayas, you will be blessed with gold. There are several scenic nature trails around the village. Safe Mountain Forest Nature Study Free School. The home stay members will be your guide on the Adhabela Padayatra.


The misty mountains, the unknown vegetation of the forest – everything is a perfect place. Several famous tea gardens around Dawaipani, Glenburn, Lamahatta, Takda tea gardens. You can visit any one easily. You can see the tea picking or processing directly from the garden. Darjeeling city is a stone’s throw away. You can go on a one-day trip there and come back after wandering, shopping, eating. Several other hill stations are accessible from here. Such as Lamahatta, Sitong or Kalimpong.

How to go

If you want to go by train from Kolkata, you have to reach New Jalpaiguri from Howrah or Sealdah station. Distance from NJP or Siliguri to Dawaipani is 81 km and 15 km from Zorbungalow. Car rental from NJP is Tk 3500, takes more or less 3 – 3 and a half hours. To reduce costs, Zorbanglo arrived in a share jeep from Siliguri to Darjeeling and then went to Dawaipani by car. Share rent is 280 to 300 taka per person. Dawaipani can also be reached by plane from Kolkata. It takes about 3 hours to reach Dawaipani after passing 75 km from the airport. Distance from Dawaipani to Darjeeling is 20 km. It takes 1 hour.

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